Privacy policy

Since, even as a result of merely consulting the websites, there may be a possibility
of collecting and processing data relating to identified or identifiable persons, in this section
describes how our site is managed with regard to the processing of the personal data
personal data of the users who consult it. With the following PRIVACY POLICY we intend to
therefore, in addition to providing the rules of the site in reference to the aforementioned personal data, also provide the
also provide information pursuant to ART. 13 of EU Regulation no. 2016/679 to those who
interact or pass through our website, which can be accessed electronically from
from the address: corresponding to the initial home page.
The information is provided only for our website and not for other websites that may be
consulted by the user via links.
Company name
Faro s.a.s. di Rodigari Fabrizio e C.
Via Saroch n. 1686
Livigno (SO)
The processing carried out by the owner with the data collected from this site takes place at the
above-mentioned head office of the data controller and are handled only by staff specifically
assigned/authorised or by possible persons in charge of occasional maintenance operations.
maintenance operations.
The collection of information via the site may be carried out in one of the following
(a) Information sent voluntarily by the data subject
On our site there is an email for data requests.
Navigation data
The computer systems and software procedures used to operate this website
website acquire, in the course of their normal operation, certain personal data whose
transmission of which is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. This is
information that is not collected to be associated with identified interested parties, but which
by their very nature could, through processing and association with data
held by third parties, make it possible to identify users.
This category of data includes the IP addresses or domain names of the computers
used by the users who connect to the site, the URI (Uniform
Resource Identifier) of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used
in submitting the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numeric code indicating the status of the response
numeric code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.), and other
parameters relating to the user's operating system and computer environment.
Other information collected in this way may concern: the 'Uniform Resource
Locator" (URL) of the site from which the user comes, which pages of the Site have been
visited, what URL the user connected to next, what browser was used to reach the site.
used to reach the site. (check with the IT technician)
3.2.1 COOKIES. (check with IT technician)
A 'cookie' is a small data file transferred to your computer's hard disk when
you access a website. No personal user data is
acquired by the site.
No use is made of cookies for the transmission of information of a personal nature,
nor are so-called persistent cookies of any kind used, i.e. systems for
tracking of users.
Only so-called session cookies are used on this site, which are not
stored permanently on the user's computer and disappear when the browser is closed.
of the browser.
The use of so-called session cookies is strictly limited to the transmission of identifiers
session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to enable
secure and efficient exploration of the site.
The so-called session cookies used in this site avoid the use of other techniques
potentially prejudicial to the confidentiality of users' browsing.
users and do not allow the acquisition of personal data identifying the user.
The information collected in aggregate is anonymous and makes it possible to analyse the type of
traffic on the site. Over time, this may help to improve content and make it more
easier to use.
Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can also
reject them altogether or selectively accept only some of them by adjusting your browser preferences.
browser preferences.
If the user inhibits the loading of cookies, some components of the site may
not be available and certain pages may be incomplete.
LOGs are archives in which traffic data are automatically recorded
i.e. the activities carried out by users who connect to our site via the Internet. These archives
make it possible to reconstruct all the events that occur on our site. The LOGs are an
essential element in the management of the system and allow many technical or organisational problems to be solved.
technical or organisational problems.
We do not manage any kind of data log, but it can be generated by the providers
who manage our network connections and whom you should contact if you have any questions.
The voluntary sending of electronic mail to the addresses indicated on this site involves the
vision of the sender's e-mail address as well as any other personal data
personal data included in the message. This information will be used for the sole purpose of
carrying out what has been requested of us (production of orders, provision of services, etc.).
If, for any reason, the data are used for other purposes, they will be subject to the
necessary fulfilments according to the use that we will make of them according to the provisions
regulations in force (information notice and, if necessary, request for the consent of the person concerned),
otherwise they will be immediately and irrevocably removed from our
information systems.
4 LINKS TO OTHER SITES. (please check with your IT technician)
There is a possibility that the site contains links to third-party sites. When the user
uses these links, you are entering environments that are not controlled by our
organisation, which is not responsible for the content the user may
Our organisation is not responsible for the content you may encounter or the privacy practices of such sites.
This policy does not extend to the privacy practices of linked sites.
linked sites. You should carefully review the practices of each site that you visit.
visited. In addition, those sites may independently send their cookies
to users, collect data or request personal information.
5 Nature of the data processed
The data collected in addition to those indicated above and necessary for the operation of the site may
also relate to the following categories:
➢ personal, fiscal and economic data that are necessary:
➢ for the provision of the services requested and the subject of economic and/or contractual relations,
existing or future (e.g. necessary for the production of any orders)
➢ for the fulfilment of the relative fiscal and/or legal obligations (e.g.
➢ personal data (name, surname, company name, telephone, fax, email addresses)
necessary to fulfil your requests for information and/or technical assistance
➢ data concerning e-mail addresses and other data that you may voluntarily
voluntarily send us by email.
6 Purpose of processing
The purpose of the processing means the reason, the purpose for which the data is collected. Data
navigation data: this data is used for the sole purpose of obtaining
anonymous statistical information on the use of the site and to check its correct functioning and
are deleted immediately after processing. The data may be
used to ascertain responsibility in the event of hypothetical computer crimes against the site.
damage to the site.
Personal data provided voluntarily by users processed as a result of requests for a
service or other: this data will be used only for the purpose and for the time
strictly necessary to perform the service or provision requested and may, for this
this reason, be communicated to persons belonging to our organisation (e.g.
employees, workers, etc.).
7 Processing and storage methods
The processing of your personal data is carried out by means of the operations indicated
Article 4 no. 2) of the GDPR. Data processing is carried out in automated form
through the use of tools and procedures suitable to guarantee its security as referred to in Art.
32 of GDPR 2016/679 by authorised persons, in compliance with
provisions of Article 29 of these Regulations. Personal data are subject to the
processing referred to above in compliance with the principles of lawfulness, purpose limitation and
data minimisation pursuant to Article 5 of the GDPR.
The Controller will process your personal data only for the purpose and for the time strictly
necessary to perform the service or provision requested.
8 Security of personal data. (check with IT technician)
Any personal data collected on the site are protected against unauthorised access, use or
unauthorised access, use or disclosure. Such data may only be accessed by our appointed personnel
with their own authentication credentials, and all security procedures are in place to protect them against
necessary security procedures have been put in place to protect them from violation by unauthorised personnel, both locally and online.
locally and on the network. All personal data, which are provided to us, are in fact
stored in a secure and controlled environment. To this end, processes have been put in place
physical, electronic and organisational processes are in place to safeguard and protect the information collected.
9 Guarantees for subscribers and/or users and storage of traffic data
For the security guarantees offered during the connection to safeguard the integrity
of data and electronic communications, as well as the types of data that are
collected, recorded and the relative retention times of such data, it is necessary to read the information
read the notice issued by our electronic communication service provider and the provider you use.
service provider and the provider you use to connect to the network. The collection of such
data and the way in which it is stored is beyond our responsibility. These
activities are carried out by the aforementioned provider of electronic communication services
service provider in an entirely autonomous manner.
10 Retention of traffic data
The data collected on the network are not sold, traded or rented out to third parties. Should the
need may arise, the consent of the persons concerned shall be sought. The data
personal data may be communicated and/or disseminated as specified under
"communication and dissemination".
11 Sharing of information
Personal data collected online are not sold, traded or rented to third parties.
Should the need arise, the consent of those concerned will be sought. I
personal data may be communicated and/or disseminated as specified under
"communication and dissemination".
12 Obligation or option to provide data
Apart from what is specified for navigation data, the user is free to provide the
personal data that may be requested by navigating on our site.
Failure to provide them may make it impossible to obtain what has been requested.
13 Communication and dissemination
No data collected on the site is communicated or disseminated. There may in any case be the
need to make use of external subjects in order to carry out what you have requested from us
(e.g. production staff, external workers, consultants, couriers, etc.); in this case such
data may also be communicated to such parties for the above-mentioned purposes.
Furthermore, such data may be viewed by persons in charge of processing, internal
within the institute.
14 Your rights
In accordance with Articles 15-22 of the GDPR, you may at any time exercise your rights
including the right of access, rectification, portability and deletion of personal data or restriction of processing.
or restriction of processing.
To exercise these rights, please contact the Data Controller, in the person of the
pro-tempore legal representative, who can be contacted as follows:
 email address
 postal address at our company's registered office.
Please note that this document, published at
constitutes the "Privacy Policy" of this site, which will be subject to updates.
Date 25/05/2018