What to do in Livigno


Skiing in Livigno is an extraordinary experience for all winter sports enthusiasts. Its Ski Area is one of the largest, most important and best-loved in the Alps with various organised activities for alpine skiing, snowboarding and freestyle. Slopes of all levels for a ski season that lasts from December to May. The Livigno ski area covers a wide and extensive valley that is always sunny, allows skiing on several mountainsides, ... and offers the possibility of skiing both at high altitude and at the bottom of the valley thanks to the numerous lifts accessible from the village. More than 200 professionals are available throughout the winter season. Patrick and Fabrizio, experienced ski instructors, will be happy to support you in the activities you choose, whether you are a beginner or want to improve your technique. For those without equipment, I recommend the Point Rental and Vertigo ski rental shops.
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In addition to alpine skiing, I recommend 10 other unmissable activities:

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Open the throttle between snowmobiles, karts and cars on ice

In Livigno you can have fun driving on snow and ice! To try something exciting, I recommend three main activities: driving on ice with rally cars, followed by Oliviero and his drivers from the University of Traverse who will assist you in driving real racing cars with studded tyres. Then there is the exciting snowmobile tour, 20 km over the lake and snow-covered meadows of Livigno or at the Eira Pass with the route up to Crap della Parè. Finally, suitable for more reckless youngsters, there is the ice-cart driving experience on the 400-metre ice track, also in the lake area.

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Get to the best restaurants in Snowcat

Top Emotion is an adventurous tour to the Costaccia hut in the heart of the ski slopes of Little Tibet. After experiencing the thrill of climbing the steep slopes in safety aboard the snowcat, and admiring the snow-covered tracks during the night milling, it is time to take a refreshment: a luxurious and exclusive gourmet dinner awaits you at high altitude, entirely based on fish. I recommend this activity as ideal for a romantic getaway in search of good food and breathtaking views.

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Challenge your friends at Mottolino Snowpark

Challenge your friends to the highest jump! The Mottolino Snowpark has long been recognised as one of the best in Italy and among the most technical and spectacular in Europe. It has over 60 structures with jumps and parabolics at different levels of difficulty. Access to the Snowpark is free and is allowed from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Don't forget your helmet! As you ride up the Trepalle chairlift, from which you can admire the entire slope, you can watch some of the athletes preparing for the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympics in their breathtaking evolutions.

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Walk through Livigno on cross-country skis

Livigno is a perfect location for cross-country skiing: from the end of October to the beginning of April, there are 30 km of trails available, starting from the Forcola and descending to the lower part of the town. These are prepared in late autumn, even in the absence of snowfall, thanks to the 'SnowFraming' method, which allows the organisers to keep the previous season's snow under thermal tarpaulins and then use it in autumn. The slopes, which are always sunny, have different levels of difficulty. Among the events not to be missed in early December are the Sgambeda, the Granfondo del Piccolo Tibet and the World Cup.

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Be entertained by the masters' show

The area's most daring and entertaining ski instructors amaze the audience with stunts and daredevil jumps as they challenge each other on the snow every Tuesday evening at 9 pm. An evening show not to be missed, during which you can discover how skiing used to be done in the mountains, watch performances in various downhill techniques and a few surprises that I can't reveal to you! The show takes place at the foot of the central ski school where you can warm up with a cup of Vin brule'.

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Keep the little ones entertained at the Kinder Park Lupigno

The world-famous Lupigno, besides being the mascot of Livigno's Centrale ski school, is also the name of the popular snow playground for children from 2 to 12 years old who can have fun in complete safety. In fact, the baby-sitting service and group ski courses allow parents free time to ski, relax or go shopping. A safe place to play in the company of experienced animators, slides, toboggans, inflatables or in the theme park. Guaranteed fun at high altitude!

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Try pedalling on the snow with the Fat Bike

Want to experience new thrills outside the hustle and bustle of the ski slopes? I recommend an excursion on a fat bike. This particular bike, thanks to its thick tyres, allows for more friction on snow and ice, so much so that it is also used by locals to keep cycling in the colder months. With Adam and the BikeLivigno team you can explore unspoilt corners, alternative snowy roads, and enjoy Livigno from a new point of view, that of the Fat Bike. If you are not a fan of fatigue, electric versions are available.

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Fly over Livigno with a paraglider

The ideal activity for those who wish to fly higher than eagles is paragliding. Available throughout the year, with your flying instructor friends Fabio and Emanuel, you will experience a fascinating adventure in which you will feel as if you are touching the sky with your finger! Take-offs take place from the highest peaks, Carosello 3000 and Mottolino, and last approximately one hour. At the end of this adventure fantastic videos and high-definition photos will testify to the courage of all those who challenge the heights and take home a sensational memory.

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Put ice skates on your feet and try not to fall off

In Livigno, it is possible to ice skate at the Ice Arena and afterwards warm up with a good hot chocolate at the bar. The rink is open to everyone, adults and children, and for parents who do not wish to skate there is a heated grandstand from which supervise the little ones. The Ice Arena is open daily from 10 a.m. and the entrance fee includes skate rental. To add a bit of fun, depending on the rink conditions, it is also possible to try dabbling with hockey sticks. This can be a good evening activity as an alternative to the neighbouring cinema.

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Trust alpine guides to experience the challenging mountain

Freeriding, ski mountaineering, ice climbing and snowshoeing are the main activities offered in the winter season by Livigno's Alpine guides. When everything is tinged with white and the landscape becomes more austere and wild, sliding down immaculate snow slopes or ascending an icefall in isolated and wild environments are unforgettable experiences for those seeking peace and interiority. The mountain guides, thanks to their experience in the area, know our mountains and guarantee maximum safety without sacrificing adrenaline.